The North - Confederated Northern City States

North (CNCS)Terra Nova’s northern hemisphere is home to three leagues; each of these is also a coallition of city-states united for protection. Each fields a separate peacekeeping force and contributes to the Northern Guard, the overall military of the alliance. Collectively, they are known as the Confederated Northern City States; they act as one of Terra Nova’s true super powers. Other inhabitants of Terra Nova see the CNCS as prudish and overly concerned with matters of faith, but the three Northern leagues form a highly diverse and complex society.

The Northern Guard

The Northern Guard is tasked to defend Northern interests. They do this by defending the Northern polar borders and guarding Northern interests in the Badlands. The Northern Guard is a constant compromise. On the one hand, the northern leagues need to band together against aggressors; on the other hand, they desire to compete amongst themselves for economic and political superiority. The Northern Guard is designed to act as a border patrol; however, it can take over command and control of the individual Northern militaries in times of crisis.

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