Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone

Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone is an exciting new skirmish miniatures game from Monster Fight Club, set in the Combat Zones of 2045’s cities.

In the time of the Red, every city has a Combat Zone: an area of the city where the law doesn’t reach and cyber-enhanced gangs vie for control over the streets. Lead a team of Cyberpunk characters looking to make a name for themselves!

Combat Zone features a new, fast-paced game engine. The players can act and react in organic, free-flowing actions. No rounds, no phases – the game just goes. As your characters take hits and get wounded, their abilities degrade – so strike hard and strike fast!

​Combat Zone leaves the traditional rulers and tape measure behind and introduces a new “Limiter” based movement and range system. Your characters’ attacks and movement depend on the quality of their actions. Green, Yellow, and Red Actions all have different chances to succeed – so choose smartly!

Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone features the detailed Monster Fight Club miniatures and Monster Scenery!

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Showing 1–12 of 23 results