How to Place an Order

Here’s a general outline of how to place an order on our webstore. You’ll find it very similar to most online stores, so if you’re comfortable with online shopping you can certainly skip this. The unsure may wish to continue.

Our website is available in the English language; should you wish to view it in another language you can try using Google Translate – accurate results not guaranteed.

Steps Involved in Ordering

The following steps describe a typical ordering process, although some of these may be done in a different sequence depending on your preferences.

  1. Browse the site looking for the products you wish to order. To find specific products, you can narrow down the choices by clicking on a Product Category – each product category is a specific game line. Alternatively, you can use the Product Search field in the top right corner of every page to search for a specific product (on mobile devices this is the central option at the bottom of your screen instead).
  2. When you find a product you want to order you can click on the green Add to Basket button to add one of that item into your shopping basket/cart. Alternatively, you can click on the item’s details (the picture, title or price) to find out more information about it. On that screen, you can select how many you want to order (which defaults to one) and then click on the orange Add to Basket button to add that many to your shopping basket/cart.
  3. You can repeat Step 2 for each product you wish to order. At any time you can see the total number of items in your shopping basket and the total value of that basket in the header below the Search Products field. You can move the mouse over this to see a summary of what your basket contains. Most pages also show a basket summary at the top of the right-hand sidebar; from either place you can move unwanted items from your basket by clicking the cross in the small red circle.
  4. At any time you can click on the View Basket button in either place to see the full details of your basket contents. This page allows you to update the quantities you’re ordering, remove unwanted items, enter a coupon code if you have one, and also see the cost of delivery for your order. You can always go back to browse for more products if you wish; once happy with your order, click on the Proceed to Checkout button on either the Basket page or one of the basket summaries.
  5. In the Checkout, you can enter your billing and delivery details. See our Payment Information page for more information about this step. Your payment details are entered into the checkout page, then the payment is processed and the email confirmation sent to you.
  6. Now your order has been placed, it’s our job to put your order together and despatch it as soon as we can – see our Delivery Information page for further details of this. If you need to change any details of your order or delivery information during this period please contact us as soon as possible. Emailing us from the same email address as our confirmation email went to is the best way to do this. You will receive another email from us telling you the order is complete once we have despatched the order.
  7. When ordering using Royal Mail within the mainland UK, you should receive your order 2 or 3 days after receiving the Order Complete email. Some orders will inevitably take a little longer, so please be patient if you can. For UK courier orders, you should receive them the next weekday (Monday-Friday) after you get your Order Complete email.
  8. If you are not 100% satisfied with your order when it arrives, or there are faulty, broken or incorrect items please contact us as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about ordering from Shiny Games please don’t hesitate to get in touch via any of the methods described on our Contact Us page.