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Shiny Games Christmas Posting 2022

We’re happy to say that during the busy run-up to Christmas we’ve been able to keep the orders flowing out swiftly. Unfortunately the combination of the Christmas post and Royal Mail staff strikes has meant that some orders are taking longer than they should to arrive, and the tracking information is not always kept updated.

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Shiny Games Day: 7 Years of Shiny Games

Shiny Games is seven years old today, so it seemed like a good point to reflect on where we are and where we’re going in the next year (or seven).

27th October 2015

While Shiny Games didn’t begin overnight, the company officially came into being on 27th October 2015. That was the point it was declared to be more than just a nice idea, or wishful thinking. The idea was to support great games that were hard to find in the United Kingdom. This seemed especially true of many good skirmish games, but we knew it needed to include roleplaying games too.

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Shiny Games at Border Reiver Show on 17th September

Border Reiver Wargames Show

Shiny Games is going to be travelling up to Gateshead for the Border Reiver Wargames Show on Saturday 17th September. The venue is Gateshead International Stadium, from 10am ’til 3pm.

We’re going to be focusing on the Dream Pod 9 games, so we’ll have as much Heavy Gear and Jovian Wars as we can bring.

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Fantasy Flight/Asmodee Price Rises from Feb

We’ve had notification from our main supplier that the prices and RRPs (Recommended Retail Prices) on some Asmodee/Fantasy Flight games will increase from 1st February 2022.

For recent products, this is mostly to bring existing products in line with recent price rises for newer releases, so it’s not another price rise on top of recent price rises. Still, for older books these changes are quite significant; for the Star Wars RPG books, for example, the rise to RRP will be £8-9 per book!

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Today’s Free Downloads for Giant Robot Games

Today has brought a couple of good (and free) downloads for two of our favourite giant robot games—BattleTech: Alpha Strike and Heavy Gear Blitz. For the former, Catalyst Game Labs have released Alpha Strike Stat Cards for a variety of Aerospace units. For the latter, the first Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document is now available for the new 3rd Edition rules.

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European Union delivery update for July 2021

The situation with shipping orders to the European Union hasn’t been great in the first half of 2021; I’m afraid the news going forwards isn’t getting any better. The new IOSS system coming into effect from July had the potential to return things to normal. However, it’s become apparent that joining this scheme is not feasible for a company of our size.

Our main courier is also removing the option to send to Europe DDP (Delivered Duty Paid). While this wasn’t a good general solution to European shipping it was very useful in certain circumstances; now this will no longer be possible.

The Future

While we’re not going to stop accepting orders from Europe, we understand and appreciate that for most of our European customers the import costs and uncertainty make this an unappealing option. You are most welcome to continue to shop with us, but please be aware you will be charged import taxes and admin fees appropriate to your country at customs. Please take this into consideration before placing an order. We will do what we can to minimise the costs we do have control over. If you want to discuss your options with us you can always get in touch at

For product lines that we distribute, such as Heavy Gear and Jovian Wars, we are currently talking to European retailers so that you will have EU-based places to purchase from as soon as possible. Watch this space!

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Getting Started with Runequest & Glorantha

Like Dungeons and Dragons, the RuneQuest roleplaying game has a long history, starting in the 1970s. As with many games with numerous editions and so much history, they can be a little daunting to start with. Last week I read an article by John Wick, The Deepest Dive, which reminded me just how much has been written on Glorantha the main setting for RuneQuest. He also talked about good products to start your adventures with, which are coming to games stores in the next couple of months. This inspired me to put my own thoughts down about the game. It seemed like a good time to write about on getting started with RuneQuest and seeing if it’s a game for you.

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Shiny Games and COVID-19 – March Update

With so much uncertainty at the moment, and different circumstances from place to place, we thought it was about time we posted an update on COVID-19 and the current status of Shiny Games.

TLDR: We are all currently fine here at Shiny Games. We, our supplier and delivery services are working normally. We’ll keep you updated if that changes.

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