Jovian Wars

Jovian Wars is an anime-inspired fleet combat game for supremacy over our Solar system in the early 23rd Century. After a period of turmoil on Earth, CEGA (the Central Earth Government and Administration) has solidified its power at home. Now it sets its sights on the rest of the system.

The Jovian colonies around Jupiter had grown particularly strong in the interim, fuelled in part by industrious refugees from Earth’s conflicts. The Jovian Confederation is the natural target for CEGA’s expansion, as well as the strongest champion against CEGA conquest.

Will you take the roll of CEGA Admiral and attempt to take more territory for Earth? Alternatively, you could lead the fleet of the Jovian Confederacy to meet them in battle. Either way, you’ll need to use both your capital ships and squadrons wisely in order to claim victory in Jovian Wars!

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Showing 1–12 of 22 results