Star Wars: Armada Wave I

Armada Wave I is the first wave of expansion packs for the Star Wars: Armada game.

As you launch into Armada and its tactical fleet battles, these expansion packs let you customise and expand your fleet. Five of them introduce carefully detailed and pre-painted capital ships. Each of these come with its command dials, ship cards and an array of upgrade cards; they also include all the tokens and other components you need to deploy them into battle.

Meanwhile, the fighter squadron expansion packs each come with eight sculpted squadrons, representing four different types of fighters. You’ll also find eight squadron cards, including one unique card for each type of squadron.

Use these expansions to grow your fleet or to tailor it around your favorite strategy. Either way, these ships, squadrons, and upgrades allow you to explore a vast range of tactics and strategies that reach beyond those available in the Core Set.

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Showing all 2 results