Karate Fight: Ninja All-Stars Edition

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Karate Fight: Ninja All-Stars Edition is a speed matching card game themed on the Ninja All-Stars board game.

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Ah, you wish to fight for glory in the Moonlight Tournament do you? Ha! You are not even worthy to carry a blade, young one, much less to compete in the great tournament. Do not rush. Before you touch a blade, you must first learn the arts of unarmed combat – the karate fight. Only once you have mastered the many forms, using only foot and fist, will you be able to walk further down the path of ninjutsu.

First, you will be taught the ancient ways of Karate. You will learn how to defend yourself, how to strike, and how to move with the speed of thought. You will learn to become: Karate Masters.

Karate Fight is a speed matching card game in the tradition of classic games such as Slapjack, Egyptian Ratscrew, and Snip Snap Snorem. Easy to learn and quick to play, Karate Fight is the perfect game for when you and your friends need a fast and furious challenge. It is designed for 2-4 players of ages 7 and up. A game should take about 20 minutes to play.


  • 1x 56 card Karate Fight Deck
  • 1x Rules Pamphlet

Shiny Games says about Karate Fight: Ninja All-Stars Edition

This edition of Karate Fight is themed on the Ninja All-Stars board game but is otherwise the same game as the standard version. It isn’t actually a part of the main Ninja All-Stars game, but if you like the style of that game then you should enjoy this. This version should also have a more universal appeal than the original, as it features cute chibi-style ninja rather than the university student girls of the original.

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