Utopia factionUtopia is a colony world devastated by terrible war. They now use automated drones to do most of their fighting, and have achieved a level of technology greater than Earth’s due to all the conflict they have endured.


Utopia no more, the years following Earth’s withdrawal were a cruel time for the Utopians. Conflict arose and lead to total war with all the horrors of nuclear and biological weaponry being used indiscriminately, laying utter waste to a previously verdant planet. The world’s population huddled in their bunkers and waited for the madness to end, but as the war ended the surface had become unliveable. The survivors chose to expand their massive bunkers and the development of the Deep Cities resulted.

After the Great War

Due to the necessity of preserving life, warfare in the post-Great War years was largely fought by automated drones, which increasingly became more and more sophisticated. When the CEF returned to Utopia they encountered a devastated planet with superior technology compared to their own. Faced with the prospect of a force armed with superior technology, the CEF chose to ally themselves with the Utopians.

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