Tales of Xadia Game Handbook: The Dragon Prince RPG

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The Tales of Xadia roleplaying game enables the next tales of The Dragon Prince to be yours. Adventure with friends in the world of the hit animated series.

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The next tale in the world of The Dragon Prince is yours, with Tales of Xadia the roleplaying game.

Venture into the wonderous lands of Xadia! Forge alliances, uncover secrets, engage in mighty battles, and protect those you love from peril and prophecy as you and your friends create your own characters and stories within the world of the groundbreaking Netflix animated series.

Dark mages discover ancient artifacts. Earthblood explorers tread through haunted cities.Evenerean hunters squae off against vicious megagators. The possibilities are as limitless as your shared imagination.

The easy-to-learn rules evoke the tone and feel of The Dragon Prince as your stories come to life at your game table—physcal or virtual. Whther your game group meets face-to-face or plays online, you can use the digital toolset to roll your dice, create and keep track of your characters, and quickly access the handbook and other resources.

Tales of Xadia Game Handbook Contents:

  • Official never-before-seen lore from The Dragon Prince. This includes magic spells, legends of the Human Kingdoms, newly revealed dragon species, and so much more
  • Step-by-step guide for creating your own unique human or elf character
  • Rules built on the award-winning Cortex roleplaying platform and adapted specifically for Tales of Xadia, so you and your friends can tell your own tales of discovery, intrigue, and adventure
  • Tools for running the game, such as dozens of characters for your players to interact with and guidance for telling stories rich with magic
  • Ready-to-play high-stakes adventure set in Lux Aurea just after the events of Season Three
  • Access to the digital toolset, with everything you need to play Tales of Xadia, no matter where your gaming group meets.


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