Infinity RPG

Infinity RPGThe Infinity RPG is set 175 years into an anime-inspired future. Humanity has reached the stars and divided into nations we would scarcely recognise. They continue their petty conflicts with each other, despite encountering a Combined Army of alien races who do the bidding of the Evolved Intelligence, a supreme intellect who seeks dominion over all life.

The Infinity RPG

The Infinity universe was launched by Corvus Belli as a hugely-popular tabletop skirmish game; sci-fi themed miniatures simulated futuristic battles across the alien battlefronts of Paradiso and the internecine conflicts of the Human Sphere. Before there was a skirmish game, though, there was an RPG. Infinity started life as a homemade RPG setting for the early roleplaying adventures of Corvus Belli founders Alberto, Carlos, Fernando, and Gutier. Now things have come full circle with the Infinity RPG from Modiphius Entertainment, allowing us all to roleplaying in that fantastic sci-fi world.

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