Tabula Rasa Accessories

Tabula Rasa Accessories are part of Knights of Dice’s Tabula Rasa line of no-frills MDF scenery kits; these kits are simple, no-frills buildings that can easily be modified or adorned to suit your needs.

Tabula Rasa Accessories are simpler kits, designed to be used with other buildings or terrain to add additional features.

Ladders and Walkways

The first products in the Tabula Rasa Accessories range are ladders and walkways. You can use these to add movement options to your buildings. While designed primarily to be used as part of the Tabula Rasa range, they can be used with any other appropriate terrain. The ladders ensure that models can easily access rooftops. They can use the walkways to get from building to building.

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Showing all 4 results