Tabula Rasa

Tabula RasaTabula Rasa is Knights of Dice’s range of building shells, blank slates for you to create your own buildings from.

Alternatively, if you prefer not to craft your own scenery, they can be used without decoration as unadorned buildings.

Tabula Rasa buildings are designed with 28mm scale miniatures in mind. Many of them can easily be adapted to other scales due to the simple, scale-neutral designs.

There are currently three distinct themes within the Tabula Rasa line:

Desert Buildings

The original Tabula Rasa buildings, the desert buildings are rectangular buildings with flat roof areas that models can traverse. Many have low walls around portions of their outside; they may be simple in design, but they’re not boring in shape.

Village Buildings

The Village Buildings are the kind of places you’d expect to see in a medieval European historical setting or one of the many fantasy settings based on that period. Unlike the desert buildings they have sloping roofs and feature a bit more detail in the form of doors and window frames.

Gothic Ruins

The Ruined Gothic Buildings and Gothic Cathedral buildings are perfect for whenever broken-down elements of large buildings are required. These could be fantasy ruins, a modern day ruin of a stately home or grim dark gothic structures in a war torn far future.


Shiny Games says about the Tabula Rasa buildings

While the visual style of the desert buildings are deliberately simple, these are anything but dull rectangular buildings. The integral walls and multi-level structures will add a lot of tactical depth to your games. They’re also a fraction of the cost compared to similar buildings with a more finished look, so you can fill your table without it costing the earth!

With the addition of the Village and Gothic Ruin buildings, Knights of Dice have expanded the range of possibilities for getting an affordable gaming table of scenery. Players of Frostgrave and Warhammer 40,000 should check out the Gothic Ruins. Meanwhile fantasy and historical gamers will find the Village Residences are great for a whole host of situations!

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