Heavy Gear Blitz!

The story of Heavy Gear is still unfolding as war rages across Terra Nova and the space above. The forces of Terra Nova continue the battle against the invading Colonial Expeditionary Force from Earth and their conscripted allies. Now the day of reckoning is at hand in the War for Terra Nova. Preparations are nearly complete for the Terra Novan counter-attack and the steps to take the fight off-world. Will you support the forces trying to free humanity, or side with the oppressors?

Heavy Gear Blitz

Heavy Gear Blitz is a miniatures wargame set in the award-winning Heavy Gear universe. In Blitz, players take command of detachments of Heavy Gears (light, piloted humanoid mecha) with support from tanks, infantry and other resources to take objectives and smash the enemy.

A large number of Heavy Gear miniatures are now available in plastic. Seven factions – the North, South, Peace River, NuCoal, CEF, Utopia and Caprice – have plastic Army Boxes that give you a basic force of Gears, Frames, Hovertanks, Mounts, Armigers and Drones. Additional models are available in metal and resin to round out your forces with infantry, aircraft and tanks.

The Heavy Gear Blitz Rulebook is also available as a free PDF at DriveThruRPG. This provides all the rules, unit information and army lists for all seven of the main factions.

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Showing 1–12 of 246 results