Aleph Infinity RPG Dice Set

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The Aleph Infinity RPG Dice Set contains great looking dice to play the Infinity RPG with. The two twenty-sided dice sporting the Aleph logo are perfect for making your skill checks. The twenty-sided Hit Location die makes it easy to see where your shots land without checking a reference table. Finally, the four six-sided Combat Dice produce an equally quick answer to the amount of damage done.

Aleph is the Artificial Intelligence that leads humanity, and those of the Aleph faction work directly for Aleph. They may be human, post-human or even an heroic Recreation, but they are loyal to Aleph above all.


  • 2x D20 Aleph faction dice
  • 1x hit location die
  • 4x combat dice.

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Weight 75 g
Dimensions 173 × 100 × 22 mm


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