Caprice Decals Sheet


The Caprice Decals Sheet is a sheet of waterslide decals for the Capricen faction.

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This Caprice Decals Pack is a sheet of waterslide decals for vehicles of the Caprice faction. The sheet provides enough decals for 10 Capricen miniatures.

Caprice: Liberati and Corporate

Caprice has an important place as a critical junction in the web-like network of Tannhauser Gates that makes interstellar travel possible. The planet was quickly conquered when the CEF reached out to the stars, but many factions are plotting to remove the CEF from power when an opportunity arises. Caprice fields insect-like walkers that were adapted from industrial equipment used to mine the planet’s harsh highlands. While not as flexible or as advanced as Terra Nova’s Heavy Gears, the Caprician Mounts are capable of scaling sheer cliffs to move into firing positions or ambush targets.

The Corporate and Liberati factions split the forces on Caprice. The Corporate factions are working for the CEF rulers, at least publicly. While some are working to undermine the CEF by delaying strategic orders and passing information to freedom fighters, others are truly backing the CEF. As a result, some corporations have sent highly-trained units with the CEF to Terra Nova to aid the war effort. Some therefore straddle the line between compliance and resistance, waiting to see who will be the ultimate victor. The Liberati are the freedom fighters of Caprice. They are descended from freedom-seeking migrant workers and disaffected corporate wage slaves. Equipped with captured and converted Mounts, they are fighting the CEF directly with aid from the Black Talons.


  • 1x Caprice Decals Sheet

Note: Contents may vary from those pictured.

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