Hermes Class Monorail Car


The Hermes Class Monorail Car features working opening doors, acrylic detailing, swivelling track mounts, with a fully playable interior and flight stand mounts in case you want to use it without the track system!

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The narrow web of streets and skylanes are jammed with all manner of self driving call on demand VTOL cabs; high powered electro-cycles and low flying delivery drones all compete for space in the rabbit warren of Easy District. It’s all a little overwhelming for the under confident driver, out of towner or those without a Guptycorp subscription, but these denizens need transport too! Luckily ‘public’ transport is one of the many diversified tendrils of Yuka Corp; they operate the snaking Monorail network providing cheap transport around the district in their monorail cars.

The ‘Hemes’ Class Monorail cars are generally not exactly a pleasant way commute or run errands; Yuka Corp long ago cut costs on efficient cleaning and maintenance drones. Rickety, rarely on time, prone to breaking down and often downright dangerous, Yuka has let the once gleaming fleet of Hermes Class cars go to seed out of corporate greed and cutting costs to the bone. Yuka’s vast AI lawyer algorithm long ago secured airtight public transit contracts; any hope of the Mega-corp being held to account for the improvement of services has long since faded.

The Hermes Class Monorail Car is an impressive beast of a kit. It features working opening doors, acrylic detailing and swivelling track mounts that allow it to be placed on curved track sections. The interior is fully playable and the kit includes flight stand mounts in case you want to use it without the track system! Add to this several customisation options with additional kits such as the Autonomous Control Unit and the Seating Units, it makes for an impressive model. A string of these mounted on a track running the length of your board, weaving between buildings looks very impressive. They make a fantastic piece to build a scenario around!

Approx Dimensions:

Footprint: 102mm x 231mm
Height: 103mm

Hermes Class Monorail Car Contents:

  • 1 Hermes Class Monorail Car

Note: This is not a toy. It contains small parts and is not suitable for children under 12 years of age. Kits supplied unpainted and unassembled.

Additional information

Weight 580 g
Dimensions 423 × 297 × 8 mm


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