House Liao D6 Dice Set

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This D6 Dice Set contains 6 six-sided dice; two dice bearing the house badge and one die for each of four specific combat commands.

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Grab these brilliant BatteTech House Liao faction dice from the master makers at Q-workshop. Containing 6 six-sided dice in total, in addition to two House Liao dice, this pack includes one die for each of four specific combat commands.

These dice are useable for any game that requires six-sided dice (D6s), but are ideal for BattleTech.  In the house colours of Liao, each side bears a number except the ‘6’, which bears a House or Unit symbol.

House Liao Dice Set Contents:

  • 2 six-sided dice bearing the symbol of the Capellan Confederation’s ruling house
  • Death Commando six-sided die
  • Capellan Hussars six-sided die
  • House Hiritsu six-sided die
  • Northwind Highlanders (Mercenary) six-sided die

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Weight 60 g
Dimensions 172 × 106 × 22 mm


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