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Mizuchi is a Clan Ika themed Hero for Ninja All-Stars.

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Mizuchi is a Clan Ika themed Hero for Ninja All-Stars. Heroes bring potent new abilities to a player’s team that are entirely unique to them.

The Ika are more than just fishermen and traders. They are charged by the Princess herself with watching and protecting Kagejima’s coasts. Their squadrons of long ships, made from infused iron oak, patrol the seas around the island, sometimes ranging far afield to ensure that no one enters or approaches their waters undetected. Many try. Sun Empire brigs, foreign galleons and other craft and creatures probe the edges of Kagejima’s seas. And when they do, it is most often Captain Mizuchi who meets them.

Cutting through the water with uncanny speed, like the silver tip of a spear, Mizuchi has defeated flotillas three times her own numbers and ships ten times the weight of her craft. Serious in demeanor, strategically clever, and ruthless in battle, Mizuchi’s ship, the Honor of Ishika, and a hail of fire arrows, are often the last things would-be invaders ever see.


  • 1x Mizuchi Model
  • 1x Reference Card

Note: Model is supplied unpainted but comes fully assembled. Contents may vary from those pictured.

Shiny Games says about Mizuchi

This is the additional hero for the Ika Clan who isn’t included in the main Clan Ika box. Of course you don’t need that box to use an Ika force that includes her; you can use the miniatures from the main game to represent Clan Ika ninja and add Mizuchi as a tough defensive hero impervious to ranged attacks.

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