Peace River Decals Sheet


The Peace River Decals Sheet is a sheet of waterslide decals for the PRDF faction.

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This Peace River Decals Pack is a sheet of waterslide decals for vehicles of the Peace River Defence Force faction.

Peace River – Shields of Freedom

Nowhere else will on Terra Nova you find a city-state like Peace River, a symbol of pride for the Badlands. Paxton built the city into the side of a large mesa and protected it with 350 meter tall defence shutters. These can close in a matter of minutes, to repel even the worst Badlands Tempests; incidentally, they will also repel any bombardment short of an orbital nuclear strike. To further this image of strength and power, the city was topped by a mighty airfield whose runways form a peace sign. Towering over the airfield and the rest of the city were the executive offices, the original oasis tower purchased by the city’s founder, Ebert Paxton. The whole city was a massive symbol of Paxton’s military, monetary and emotional power.


  • 1x Peace River Decals Sheet

Note: Contents may vary from those pictured.

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Dimensions 140 × 70 × 1 mm


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