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The Prince Valiant Episode Book is a companion book to the Prince Valiant Storytelling Game. It features numerous short scenarios which Storytellers can use to run adventures or inspire new and exciting stories of their own!

Some of the exceptional authors and scenarios included within this tome are:

  • The Lost Library by Shannon Appelcline
  • The Dán of Glenshire by Emily Care Boss
  • Too Many Tentacles by Ed Greenwood
  • The Mare’s Lamp, by Jeff Grubb
  • First Flower of Spring by B.J. Hensley
  • Fort Seahawk by Robin Laws
  • Treachery is the Deepest Cut by Monica Valentinelli
  • Nimue’s Song: A Lady’s Adventure by John Wick
  • & many more!

Many brave adventures await your knights inside these pages!

You will need the Prince Valiant Storytelling Game core book to use this Episode Book!

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