Relic Knights: Battle Deck

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A Battle Deck of Esper Cards for playing Relic Knights.

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Esper energy flows throughout the universe, binding it and permeating all things. The mighty champions of the Darkspace Calamity channel esper to fuel their actions and unleash devastating attacks. The Relic Knights: Battle Deck contains everything you need to power your games of Relic Knights!

Shiny Games says about the Battle Deck…

The Battle Deck is Relic Knight’s alternative to rolling dice – you need to marshal the right cards in your hand to pull off impressive attacks and actions.

Although each player needs their own deck to play Relic Knights, all the faction Battle Box starter sets include one of these. You’ll probably only need to buy a separate deck if you decided to start your Relic Knights cadre without buying one of these great-value Battle Boxes, or if you play so much Relic Knights you’re wearing out your deck!

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