Round Lip 50mm Flagstone Base 03 (1)

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A 50mm pressure cast resin base in the “Flagstone”€ theme. All base designs allow you to face your model in multiple directions to create added variety. Master sculpts by MisterJustin.


  • 1x 50mm Flagstone base.

Note: This pack only includes a single 50mm base – the product image shows all four available 50mm Flagstone Bases so you can choose which you prefer. This base (50mm Flagstone Base 03) is the one in the top-right of the image. The other three have separate product listings you should find nearby or by clicking here.

Shiny Games Says About The Round Lip 50mm Flagstone Base

The Flagstone themed bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures are great for basing any Relic Knights miniatures and will look great on a more ancient battleground. In my opinion they’re perfect for a scholarly faction like the Doctrine, who no-doubt have old stone-flagged chambers for their research and hiding their secrets. Nevertheless, any battleground that involves historic or ‘fantasy-style’ terrain is going to go well with Flagstone bases.

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Weight 15 g
Dimensions 105 × 90 × 10 mm



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