The UK Relic Knights Community

The Star Nebula Corsairs with a Captive, demonstrating how not to run a Relic Knights communityThe Relic Knights community is small in comparison to many other games, at least for now. There are however a core of passionate and welcoming players who support this game and try to make it as easy for new players to get involved. This page is aimed at newer players who want to find out more about Relic Knights and give it a try.

What’s Interesting About Relic Knights?

If you’ve played a few miniature wargames or skirmish games already, you’ll probably want to know what makes Relic Knights different and interesting compared to most others. Some of the key differences are:

  • The look and feel of the game is based on Japanese anime shows and manga.
  • You can play with very small numbers of models – three or four in your cadre is neither outlandish nor bad if they’re the right ones.
  • No dice are used. Each player has a deck of resource cards and needs the right colour cards in their hand to make their moves.
  • Victory is objective based, and completing objectives is usually easier than defeating the opposition.
  • There are no deployment zones – models can deploy anywhere away from opposing models or objectives already placed.
  • Ranged weapons have no maximum range – if you can see it you can shoot it. This doesn’t have a big effect on the game, but like deployment zones is something we wargamers often just assume will be there.

I’ve linked to a couple of blog posts further down the page that go into the uniqueness of Relic Knights in detail if you want to know more.

Official Website

Soda Pop Miniatures are the creators of Relic Knights and a good place to go to find out more about it. Their Relic Knights Media section has useful/interesting/pretty things from free pdf rules and cards to wallpaper and avatar images.

There are also some useful resources on the website of Ninja Division, the game’s publisher.

Relic Knights Community Social Media

Facebook is the main social network to find other players, as with most games.

Facebook Group

Joining the Relic Knights UK Group on Facebook should be an early step if you’re interested in the game. You’ll be able to get advice from other players and find out what opportunities there are near you for a game.

In 2016 Shiny Games is excited to be sponsoring the Relic Knights UK Facebook group. To celebrate this, for every £300 spent by group members on Relic Knights products at Shiny Games we will have a draw for a £15 voucher between all those whose orders contributed to the £300 total. Use the coupon code RELICKNIGHTSUK to identify your order as counting for this promotion.

Purchases of anything within the Relic Knights category count towards this total, including Secret Weapon and UltraPro accessories. Postage and packaging costs are not included towards the total. All members whose orders contributed to the £300 total will have an equal chance to win the voucher. If you forget to use the RELICKNIGHTSUK code when ordering just let us know and we’ll include your order in the promotion. The voucher can be put towards anything in the Shiny Games store, not just Relic Knights products.


Want a four minute video intro to Relic Knights? Here’s the video from the original Kickstarter.

Relic Knights Wiki

The Relic Knights Wiki is a great resource for finding out about factions and individual units, as well as synergy between different units that can help you build a string cadre.

Mobile App

Like many games these days, Relic Knights has a mobile app to provide players with information and help during games. The basic app is free (although for iOS only at present), but there are charges for the most useful bits. The rulebook app is a good way to get the background and fiction of the game if you’re not interested in the full Darkspace Calamity rulebook.

There’s also an app to build your cadre and use during games instead of the paper dashboard and cards. You can use this for free but to save a cadre you’ll need to buy the add-on.


If the Facebook group is best overall summary of the online Relic Knights community, then the blogs are where you find the details. The following Blogs are worth checking out to get a sense of what playing Relic Knights is like and how to improve your game.

Darkspace Calamity

Darkspace Calamity is relatively new blog but already has some essential articles from a veteran player. The Three Stages of Relic Knights is a good place to start for experienced wargamers who are new to Relic Knights.

Half Arsed Gamer

Half Arsed Gamer was the first Relic Knights blog I came across and has some great articles such as the review Relic Knights – What is this game and why should I care? There are also some useful scenery-related posts with the Scenery label/tag; if you’re an infinity player some of this might be familiar, but otherwise check it out.

Darkspace Comradery

Darkspace Comradery currently has articles spanning from 2014 up to mid-2015 including some tournament write-ups and an interesting hobby article on basing and all the vital online research needed before painting; at least if you paint in the hypothetical style as I do.


There aren’t many Relic Knights podcasts as far as I know, but if podcasts are your thing then there’s a couple worth checking out.

The Questing Knights Podcast

The Questing Knights Podcast was a relatively short lived (seven episodes) podcast which was dedicated to Relic Knights except for one or two deviations. Some of the topics are quite general and relate to miniature gaming as a whole rather than Relic Knights specifically, but there was a lot of Relic Knights information and interviews contained within this series.

Gamers Lounge

Gamers Lounge is not a Relic Knights specific podcast, but it does contain a couple of episodes (93 and 96) that have a fair amount of Relic Knights content in them. Bill and the other guys featured on this podcast aren’t hardcore Relic Knights players and it’s interesting to get a different view of the game, its strengths and weaknesses.