City Foundations

City Foundations example using multiple kits togetherCity Foundations are a great way to start elevating your city, creating interesting alley ways and breaking lines of sight.

The City Foundations kits consist of blocks in three different sizes with ornate arches detailed into the sides. These can be stacked to create multi-level areas. You can add steps to allow models easy movement from one level to the next. See the example picture to the left that incorporates all three block sizes and the steps along with existing Sentry City kits to create a compelling battleground.

Stairs and Overpasses

Second City Foundations example using multiple kits together
The city foundation blocks are also designed to be compatible with existing stairs kits. Two city foundations stacked on top of one another reach the same height as all Stairs and Overpass Kits. You can therefore have wooden stairways accessing the higher platforms. You can even have an overpass spanning a chasm between two raised city areas (see right).

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