The UK Tail Feathers Community

Tail Feathers Box artTail Feathers is a new game, appearing towards the ‘tail’ end of 2015. Mixing X-Wing style flying combat with ground units and set in the Mice and Mystics world, this fresh new miniature skirmish game is suitable for kids of 9 and over as well as more mature gamers. This page draws together useful resources for those interested in playing Tail Feathers or finding out more. While there isn’t an organised UK Tail Feathers community as such in these early days, we aim to do what we can to support this and see the game flourish in the UK.

What’s Interesting About Tail Feathers?

So why is Tail Feathers different from other miniature skirmish games?

  • The ‘rats against mice’ backstory makes the game child friendly and the rules support this theme.
  • The game combines flying and ground units very effectively in a fun and tactical way.
  • There is a strong narrative behind the game but which doesn’t interfere with playing.
  • In campaigns, characters can improve from game to game.
  • The miniatures don’t need glue – they’re ready assembled, except for clicking the birds onto their stands.
  • Unlike most miniature game starter boxes, the whole game is in the box. While I’m sure there’ll be some expansions, the main box contains all you need for a full campaign.
  • In fact, if you own Mice and Mystics you already have a miniatures expansion for Tail Feathers; the Tail Feathers game contains cards for all the miniatures in the main Mice and Mystics game.

Official Website

Plaid Hat Games are the publisher of Tail Feathers and their website has some great free downloadable content. You can also get the game’s rulebook as a pdf in the Support section.

While you don’t need a game mat for Tail Feathers, they have a downloadable one for a small fee in their Products section; you can take this to a printer and get printed. We’ve not tried this yet, but have seen some feedback it can be expensive, so it might be best to get a quote from a printer first. Alternatively, Plaid Hat do intend to make a physical game mat available in the future which may work out more affordable.

They also have some great examples of painted miniatures on their site that really show what you can do with the hobby side of this game.

Tail Feathers Social Media

Plaid Hat Games can be found on Facebook and on Twitter at @PlaidHatGames. Creator Jerry Hawthorne can be found on Twitter as @mice_guy.

In January 2016, a Facebook group called Tail Feathers – English has been started for US/UK and any other English speaking players on the basis that it’s probably too soon to partition the community geographically.


There are several official YouTube videos which are very informative about Tail Feathers; the game rulebook directs you to their How to Play video (see below), but there are also overview and ‘Quick Flights’ videos easily findable from the Video section of their Tail Feathers web page.


While there are no dedicated Tail Feathers podcasts we’re aware of currently, the Epic Gaming Night Podcast Episode 18 does feature an in-depth discussion with Tail Feathers’ creator Jerry Hawthorne about the game, so that’s worth checking out.