I-48 Highway 6″ End Section


I-48 Highway 6″ End Section is used to end your elevated highway if you need a bit more to get to the end of the table.

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This section of I-48 is 6 inches in length. It is designed to clip on to the regular I-48 Highway 9″ sections with the clips included; it will not stand by itself. In this way you can extend the road way to cover further distances. Typically you would clip one 6″ end section to each side if you cannot cover the span you need with the full I-48 9″ sections. Because the 6″ Sections have no support on the outside end, it does not matter if they extend outside your playing area.

The I-48 Highway 6″ End Section kit is made from 3mm MDF and scaled for use with 28-35mm models. This kit includes parts to build one 6″ end section.

It has a footprint on your gaming table of 105mm x 245mm and a height of 145mm. The road is 5″ wide with footpaths that are a little over 1″ wide.


The kit clips to other road sections using included clips to help ensure the parts do not shift around when being used. The outer plates of the kit are labelled A and B, when clipping sections together the wall labelled A clips onto the other A wall from the next piece.

Download the full instructions here.

Note: This is not a toy. Contains small parts and is not suitable for children under 12 years of age. Kit supplied unpainted and unassembled.




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Weight 910 g
Dimensions 291 × 209 × 18 mm


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