Heavy Gear Blitz Status Tokens Pack 3rd Edition


The Heavy Gear Blitz Status Tokens Pack (3rd Edition) contains 36 laser-etched acrylic tokens and 16 plastic damage chips; these will streamline your game and improve clarity.

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The  Heavy Gear Blitz Status Tokens Pack contains 36 laser etched acrylic tokens (about 20mm in size). For marking damage, there’s also 16 plastic damage chips (about 16mm in size).

This pack represents all the status tokens needed to play a game of Heavy Gear Blitz 3rd Edition. For those who already have a 2nd Edition Status Tokens Pack, an Upgrade Pack is available instead.

Status Tokens Pack Contents:

  • 7 green circle shaped order tokens (1 Coordinated Attack, 1 ECM Defence Up, 1 Evade, 1 Damage Control, 1 Let Them Have It, Charge, and 1 Pop Smoke)
  • 8 red circle shaped tokens (4 Action Used and 4 No Move)
  • 5 yellow triangle shaped tokens (1 Corrosion, 2 Haywire, 1 Dangerous Terrain, and 1 Immobilised)
  • 8 green hexagon shaped tokens (2 Stand By, 2 Stand By B <braced>, 2 Hidden, and 2 ECM DEF)
  • 4 orange blast shaped Crippled tokens
  • 4 red blast shaped Destroyed tokens
  • 16 plastic damage chips (4 green One Damage, 4 yellow Two Damage, 4 orange Three Damage, and 4 red Four Damage)

Note: Contents may vary from those pictured.

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Weight 36 g
Dimensions 138 × 108 × 10 mm



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