Ridend LogoThe Ridend faction of Relics are chivalrous goblin knights (and their peasant underlings) who ride Kapolops – birds that are curiously similar to giant chickens!

The Ridend hail from the remote paradise island of Ridendea. Long ago all the foul and dangerous beasts were driven from the land and the people were unified. Only recently have the Queen and her advisors become aware of the terrible dangers posed by the other nations of Relicia. She has organised a Final Crusade to destroy these threats. She also seeks to find the broken pieces of the long lost Sangreal and restore its power. Only the Sangreal can truly protect Ridendea from these dangers.

You can find all the troops currently available for this faction of Relics below. More reinforcements will be added soon.

Ridend Rules in Relics 2nd Edition

You can download the latest Relics 2nd Edition Rules from the Tor Gaming downloads page. This includes the latest profiles for Ridend units.

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