R Talsorian Games

Founded in 1985, R. Talsorian Games is respected worldwide for its intriguing world settings and award winning products. Beginning with Mekton, the first giant robot setting to be published in the U.S. Talsorian soon followed up this success with the highly acclaimed Teenagers from Outer Space.

RTG’s most famous product, Cyberpunk, lead the explosive entry of the dark future genre into roleplaying in 1987; it has continued to break new ground ever since. A richly textured world supported by a host of supplements, Cyberpunk has become the basis of an upcoming AAA video game from famed developers CD Projekt Red.

In 1994, R. Talsorian published the revolutionary Castle Falkenstein. Falkenstein is based in a mythical Victorian world where Magick and Jules Vernian science fiction live side by side; it was the inspiration for translations into 6 languages as well as a novel series. Highly regarded for it’s stunning illustration and graphic design as well as a compelling story and revolutionary game mechanic (that used cards rather than dice), Castle Falkenstein won the prestigious Origins Award in 1994; a year later, its North America sourcebook, Six Guns & Sorcery, won the Origins Award for Best Game Supplement.

After a hiatus, R. Talsorian Games has emerged in a new incarnation, specialising in bringing unique creative visions to multiple media formats with new games as well as new versions of our classics.

Come with us as we explore their worlds.

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Showing 1–12 of 57 results