Manifest Destiny

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SINS: Manifest Destiny is an expansion that takes place 20 years after the time of the Core Rulebook. As humans begin to reassert themselves on the East Coast of America, it looks at the factions and enemies that Nemissaries and humanity face.

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SINS: Manifest Destiny is an expansion upon the SINS Core Book which takes place around twenty years after the general timeline of the Core Rulebook. This expansion focuses on the myriad factions that are beginning to establish themselves upon the Post-Fall East Coast of America.

As each Faction turns their sights to the horizon, their interests and machinations begin to clash; the human evils of expansionism and the wrongs of Old America begin to resurface. Eldritch powers expand their domains and long-forgotten horrors stir in the ashes of the Fall; it falls to the Nemissaries, and the new generations of the continent, to forge a better future.

A new era is beginning; despite the struggles of the Fall, the sins of the past must not be allowed to repeat themselves again.

While the central focus is on the United States, much of the content can be adapted for other regions.

SINS Manifest Destiny Contents:

  • The Great Wastes: You’ll find in this book an overview of the central regions of North America, along with extra information regarding areas of the East Coast. This information also includes a look at the history and the downfall of the American centre; it explains why the area has remained largely unexplored until now, and how to utilise it in your campaigns.
  • Factions New and Old: Along with the expanded information on the central states, the biggest focus of this book is on providing a wealth of new mechanical options for players and Games Masters in regards to the original factions, along with the introduction of two new Major Factions; the Stormland Empire and the Park Rangers.
  • This book also includes additional information on the existing Minor Factions. It also introduces a new Minor Faction, the Bone Dragon’s Realm. Further, you will also find some extra useful information on independent settlements and how to integrate them into your games.
  • New Equipment and Vehicle Rules: You’ll find a full system for using vehicles both in and out of combat, along with a variety of both universal and faction-specific vehicles.
  • The book also introduces a wealth of new equipment, with particular focus on Pre-Fall military hardware. These allow human characters to give errant Nemissaries a run for their money, or stand side-by-side as powerful allies.
  • Secrets and Nightmares: SINS’ Core Rulebook raised as many mysterious questions as it answered in regards to the setting’s lore, and this supplement – whilst not answering everything – pulls back the veil on a number of issues and gives a clearer insight into the Black Rain, the Reapers, and The Mother.
  • Manifest Destiny expands upon the Harbingers and the Lost Children, providing new lore and mechanics for both antagonist factions. There’s also new rules for the Hivespawn and the nightmarish Reaper known as Blacklight.
  • Radiation and the Blightspawn: No exploration of the Post-Fall American Interior and its horrors would be complete without a proper look at radiation and its effects. This includes mechanics for dealing with the physical effects of radiation in general. It also covers the more abstract consequences for those beings capable of wielding Anima.
  • A new form of Broodspawn known as the Blightspawn, which thrive in radioactive areas. These new enemies have new mechanics and a distinctly different theme and narrative feel to standard Broodspawn; they should make for an exciting new addition to any campaign.
  • Never Underestimate Humanity: Nemissaries, in the Core Book of SINS, had things their own way; human opponents were simply no match for them. All that changes with Manifest Destiny’s in-depth look at Artificers and their arsenals of powered armour and advanced post-fall weaponry.

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