Star Wars: Armada Wave V

Head to the Outer Rim. Then lead a Rebellion… or crush one. All these things are now possible with Star Wars: Armada Wave V!

With its criminals, command ship, cruiser, and blast of new squadrons, Armada Wave V draws from the best of Star Wars Rebels to ensure your ongoing Armada battles are every bit as strategic and varied as you desire. Both the burgeoning Rebel Alliance and the imposing Galactic Empire round out their fleets with new small-base ships. The Rebellion gains access to the new Fleet Command upgrade type. Meanwhile, the Imperials gain some long-range fire support and a commander whose ships’ tactical positioning may allow them to take their enemies by surprise.

New Squadrons

The Ghost and Lambda-class Shuttle lead allied squadrons into battle on both sides. New abilities allow these squadrons to assign the Rogue ability to other squadrons or Relay your squadron commands. They also allow you to make good use of the wave’s new Snipe and Strategic abilities, potentially changing the dynamic of the dogfights taking place along the flanks of your ships.

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Showing all 2 results