22×30″ Adventure Mat – Broken Grassland / Desert Scrubland


This neoprene 22×30″ Adventure Mat is double sided with Broken Grassland on one side and Desert Scrubland on the other. Both sides have a 1″ square grid.

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Monster Game Mats are versatile, durable gaming surfaces for your favourite tabletop wargames and role-playing adventures. Monster Fight Club have printed the 22×30″ Adventure Mat on 2 mm thick, wrinkle-resistant, double-sided neoprene. Each side has a unique environment texture  printed on it. A fine 1 inch square grid overlays the artwork of the Adventure Mats.

One side of the mat depicts a Broken Grassland – a green field broken up by patches of dirt and rocks. The reverse side depicts Desert Scrubland – sand and cracked earth, with areas where weeds and plants struggle to break through the barren surface.

This mat is ideal for use with Monster Scenery, the new line of pre-painted, game-ready plastic terrain from Monster Fight Club!

22×30″ Adventure Mat Contents:

  • Double-Sided Mat (22″x30″) – Broken Grassland / Desert Scrubland

Note: Actual contents and colours may vary from items shown.

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Weight 693 g
Dimensions 308 × 208 × 52 mm


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