Ba’alim Heavy Frame


This pack contains a Heavy Frame for the Caprice faction which can be armed with Heavy Artillery Rockets or Air Burst Missiles.

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The Ba’alim Heavy Frame is an adaptation of the Moab. While it is lighter than the Moab, both share a similar main body and powerplant design. The Ba’alim has only two legs, built around a digitigrade stance that makes it easier to absorb the shock of running and jumping at higher speeds.

The new Ba’alim Heavy Frame for the Caprice Faction includes one Ba’alim and a 60mm round base. It includes both Heavy Artillery Rockets and Heavy Air Burst Missiles weapon parts so you can make either variant.

The Ba’alim is another of Dream Pod 9’s fully 3d printed resin miniature releases, 3d modelled by Joe Whitlock, produced in partnership with Tieflings Workshop.

You can find the game stats in the recent Heavy Gear Blitz 3.1 Companion, included with the HGB Rulebook PDF.

Ba’alim Heavy Frame Pack Contents:

  • Ba’alim Frame model
  • Alternate main weapons to make the Barrage variant
  • Round 60mm Base.

Note: Model supplied unassembled and unpainted. Contents may vary from those pictured. Decals not included.

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Weight 86 g
Dimensions 140 × 92 × 23 mm



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