BattleTech Alpine / Grasslands Battlemat

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Roll out your battlefield with this two-sided BattleTech Battlemat!

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For the first time in 35 years of heavy-metal mayhem, roll out high-quality neoprene maps on your BattleTech gaming table! The BattleTech Alpine/Grasslands Battlemat is double-sided for versatility; the primary side includes a never-before published Alpine map.

The secondary side includes a modern map design as featured in the recently released BattleTech Map Pack: Grasslands. Each of the four new neoprene BattleTech battlemats features a different Grasslands map on the back; Catalyst Game Labs have designed these so that two or more can be used together.

The map is 34” x 22″, the perfect “two-map” size for most games. The maps are high-resolution with great colour quality, making them some of the most beautiful and durable BattleTech maps ever produced. The neoprene is also thin for ease of storage.

With the BattleTech Alpine/Grasslands Battlemat and the other mats in the collection, the choice of battlefield is now in your hands! The other BattleMats available are:

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Weight 840 g
Dimensions 572 × 71 × 71 mm


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