Clan Striker Star

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The Clan Striker Star includes 5 Clan BattleMechs for your BattleTech force – the Vapor Eagle, Conjurer, Horned Owl, Incubus and Piranha.

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The Clan Striker Star expansion provides five Clan BattleMech models for your games of BattleTech (or BattleTech: Alpha Strike). The Clans typically group their ‘Mechs into units of five, called a Star.

Striker Stars combine speed with firepower. The Mechs in this Star are second-line Clan units—not OmniMechs, but no less dangerous to the warriors of the Inner Sphere. Not seen during the initial push of the Clan Invasion, they were encountered a few years later as auxiliary units were used to garrison captured worlds or plug gaps in mauled units.

This box includes the Vapor Eagle, Conjurer, Horned Owl, Incubus and Piranha BattleMechs. These high-quality plastic models come pre-built with no assembly required. The box also includes five MechWarrior pilot cards and five Alpha Strike cards for use with the alternative Alpha Strike rules.

Clan Striker Star Contents:

  • Vapor Eagle Medium BattleMech (also known as the Goshawk)
  • Conjurer Medium BattleMech (also known as the Hellhound)
  • Horned Owl Light BattleMech (also known as the Peregrine)
  • Incubus Light BattleMech (also known as the Vixen)
  • Piranha Light BattleMech
  • 5 MechWarrior pilot cards
  • 5 Alpha Strike cards.

Note: Models supplied unpainted. Contents may vary from those pictured.

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Weight 137 g
Dimensions 191 × 141 × 70 mm



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