Crystal Nodes – Sapphire Blue


These Crystal Nodes will stand out amongst your scenery, a mix of rock pieces and crystals to represent a danger, objective or just to look good.

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Pulsing with unknown energies, sapphire blue Crystal Nodes stand out among your scenery. Are these mysterious formations key points on ley lines of power, vital resources for a military crusade, or proof of a reality-threatening explosion of cosmic power? Crystals are useful as scenery decorations or objective markers.

Monster Fight Club have made the large rock formation from resin and the small rock from plastic. Both come pre-painted so you can use them straight away! The crystals are cast in coloured resin. Each piece is separate so you can position them many different ways. The crystals also come in Emerald Green.

Crystal Nodes – Sapphire Blue Contents:

  • 4 Crystal Formations
  • 1 Large Rock Base
  • 1 Small Rock Base

Note: Kickstarter Exclusive product sold without retail packaging.

Additional information

Weight 210 g
Dimensions 170 × 115 × 73 mm

Plastic, Resin


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