Custom Jager Arms


These Custom Jager Arms can be used with a plastic Jager miniature to pose it with its weapon held across its torso.

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This set of custom Jager arms for the Jager plastic miniature allows it to hold its weapon across its torso. The plastic Jagers are available in the Southern Army Box or the Two Player Starter Box.

Dream Pod 9’s sculptor based these arms on the arms from the plastic miniatures. Firstly, he reposed the right arm to hold the weapon across the front of the torso. The left arm was then straightened and a new open flat hand pose was sculpted to cradle the weapon. Then silicon production molds were made of the parts for casting in resin, so the arms will be as lightweight as possible to use on the plastic miniatures.


  • 1x Right Jager Arm
  • 1x Left Jager Arm

Additional information

Weight 2 g
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 8 mm



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