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A fast-playing skirmish game of pulp adventures and two-fisted action!

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Pulp! is a quick-play miniatures skirmish game for two players.

It’s designed for scenarios inspired by the pulp literature of the 20s-30s, such as Doc Savage and The Shadow.

This 34-page book transforms your tabletop into a game full of high adventure, narrow escapes, death defying leaps and two fisted action!


  • Quick and flexible rules
  • Sample Scenarios
  • Peril!

Shiny Games says about Pulp!

This is a simple set of miniature skirmish rules you can use to play games with any miniatures of your choice. You can build the heroes, villains , henchmen and everything else in between using points to buy their stats and traits, so you can accurately reflect any models in your collection.

You can find quick start rules and an additional scenario on the Realms Publishing Scenarios & Downloads page.


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