Cyberpunk Red RPG Dice Set

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A set of 7 different RPG dice by Q Workshop, from D4 to D20 (and 2D10 for a D100 roll), in the Cyberpunk Red black-and-red style!

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The world has collapsed, Corporations have won and thrown their weight around. All you have left is a sense of style, your wire necessary for surviving and toys like guns and this Cyberpunk Red RPG Dice Set. That is your little helper on your way through Night City and remember, one roll can change all, even make you the cyber-hero from zero!

Made by Q Workshop, these dice are perfect for bringing Cyberpunk-style to any roleplaying game. Made from black plastic with the design and numbers painted in red, they’re ideal for Cyberpunk 2020 too!

Cyberpunk Red RPG Dice Set Contents:

  • Four-sided die
  • Six-sided die
  • Eight-sided die
  • Ten-sided die
  • Ten-sided die showing tens (00, 10, 20, etc.)
  • Twelve-sided die
  • Twenty-sided die

Note: These are not the same set of dice that comes with the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit; you can find those dice in the Cyberpunk Red Essential Dice Set. This set includes a greater variety of roleplaying dice for use in any game that needs those different dice.

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Weight 75 g
Dimensions 173 × 100 × 22 mm


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