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Front-Line Augmented Infantry Legionnaires (FLAILs) are the “upgraded” GREL troopers of the CEF. A seamless melding of man and machine, these powered infantry are a terror on and off the battlefield. They feel no pain nor fear and can easily weather a storm of anti-infantry fire. So fearsome are they that Terra Novan forces have resorted to using Gear squads to deal with them.

The FLAIL Squad Pack is 1/144 scale and 23mm tall when mounted on its base. They can be used as part of either Infantry units or to support Heavy Tanks such as the HHT-90 Overlord.


  • 3x Mordred FLAILs
  • 2x Heavy Weapons
  • 1x Round 40mm base

Additional information

Weight 28 g
Dimensions 113 × 70 × 33 mm



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