Heavy Gear Arena Core Rules (Colour)


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Heavy Gear Arena is a fast paced, highly customisable tactical battle game set in the award winning Heavy Gear setting. For centuries, Terra Nova’s best pilots have taken their Gears, advanced robotic fighting machines, and pitted them against each other in the world of sports dueling. Only the best stay in the games and earn their legendary reputations. Of course, reputations only get you so far. Winning equals money for upgrading your team and its equipment. The support of your adoring fans brings fame and more importantly the corporate sponsors. Some fight just for the thrills – pilots come from all over to find the thing they’re desperate for in Khayr ad-Din.

Take on the role of team manager and build up your team to pit against the competition.


  • Robust tournament campaign rules
  • Duelists capable of growing in experience and talent
  • In-depth Gear Customisation
  • Support Personnel to aid your team’s growth
  • Fast paced combat with combo chains and Duelist Talents

This full colour 112 page softcover book contains all of the rules needed to play Heavy Gear Arena.

All you need in addition to these core rules are some six sided dice and Dream Pod 9 Heavy Gear miniatures. This game is for two or more players, ages 8 and up.

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