Hired Guns Black Mamba & DartJager Pack


The Hired Guns Black Mamba & DartJager Pack includes two Duelist Gear miniatures and an assortment of weapon options.

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This kit includes Hired Guns Duelist Gear miniatures of the Black Mamba (Yang Jownz) and the DartJager (Emili Royal) usable for Heavy Gear Arena or Heavy Gear Blitz.

Yang Jownz was born a street urchin in the Mekong Dominion, but a chance encounter with Commandant Lazarus of the SIU gained him a place in the MILICIA. He quickly rose to become a regimental duelist, but headed into the Badlands when his friends from the SIU defected. When the Interpolar War broke out, he played an important role in the KADA, defending the local area and people from polar aggression. However, the need to fund the KADA means that he is still frequently seen in the arena to bring in the money that the defence force so desperately needs.

Emili Royal initially joined the Southern Republic Army and had her training from them; however, she never served in the SRA due to her brother’s dubious political affiliations. She found a place for herself in the Saragossa Stingers, a Gear Sports team. However, with more money than stability in her life, she became a renowned addict; as her performance became unreliable, she was kicked out of the team. She found her way to Khayr ad-Din, where she became a duelist-for-hire. Since joining the KADA during the Interpolar War, she has levelled out and is on top form in the arena.


  • 1x Yang Jownz’s Black Mamba
  • 1x Emili Royal’s DartJager
  • 2x Hex Bases
  • An assortment of additional weapon options

Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Contents may vary from those pictured.

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Weight 82 g
Dimensions 142 × 93 × 33 mm



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