Hired Guns Grizzly & Hunter XMG Pack


The Hired Guns Grizzly & Hunter XMG Pack includes two Duelist Gear miniatures and an assortment of weapon options.

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This kit includes Hired Guns Duelist Gear miniatures of the Grizzly and Hunter XMG, piloted by the Jarak Twins. These models are usable for either Heavy Gear Arena or Heavy Gear Blitz! The kit includes a range of extra weapons.

Danghen Jarak’s was duelist of the Northern Guard’s 17th Heavy Gear Regiment until his hot temper led to his desertion. He fled to the Badlands with the Guard’s experimental new Hunter XMG Gear. His twin sister Maena, who had always been her brother’s follower, also deserted her regiment to join him. Together they fled the authorities and fought underground duels to pay their way and acquire spare parts.

When the Interpolar War began, the twins joined the Khayr ad-Din Army (KADA) to protect the people of the Badlands. Afterwards, they negotiated an amnesty with the Northern Guard


  • 1x Maena Jarak’s Grizzly
  • 1x Danghen Jarak’s Hunter XMG
  • 2x Hex Bases
  • An assortment of additional weapon options

Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Contents may vary from those pictured.

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Weight 104 g
Dimensions 142 × 93 × 33 mm



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