Hypersteel Nightmare


The Hypersteel Nightmare Core Rulebook contains everything you need to play this skirmish battle game of brutal vehicle combat in a handy A5 hardback book.

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Steel behemoths, tracks grinding and engines roaring, thunder across hellish landscapes to clash with their foes in explosive battle. The pounding beat of their main guns, the flash of lasers rending the sky, the rumble of their death throes as they pulse out through the broken earth – this is the hypersteel nightmare of the far future.

Hypersteel Nightmare is a tabletop skirmish battle game of brutal vehicle combat across a billion planets. You’ll create custom units to represent your favourite small-scale miniatures, and build platoons of vicious fighting machines out of them. Your tabletop becomes one of near-infinite war-torn worlds, fought over by millions of petty empires.

Will you command your platoon to victory, or discover your legacy is only rust and ashes?

The Hypersteel Nightmare Core Rulebook is an 198 page, A5, hardback book. It is printed in the United Kingdom on FSC certified paper.  This rulebook also includes a free PDF copy.

Hypersteel Nightmare Contents:

  • Full rules for playing tense brutal clashes between armoured platoons
  • Rules for all kinds of vehicles including tanks, mechs, flyers and more
  • A huge range of unit types, upgrades and weapons letting you represent almost any model you might own
  • 8 scenarios designed to represent different kinds of clashes including asymmetric missions and small skirmishes
  • In-depth but easy to use terrain rules covering everything from simple concrete barriers to metal-devouring insect swarms.

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