Inner Sphere Support Lance

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The Support Lance includes a range of 4 BattleMechs for your BattleTech force – the Cyclops, Thug, Dragon and Spider.

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Inner Sphere Support Lance expansion provides four BattleMech models for your games of BattleTech (or BattleTech: Alpha Strike). The forces of the Inner Sphere typically group their ‘Mechs into units of four, called Lance.

This Lance combines a mix of tough assault and manoeuvreable Mechs. The Thug and Cyclops are able to wade in and support the battle line wherever necessary. Meanwhile, the Spider and Dragon are both fast for their size and able to provide good intelligence to the rest of their unit.

This box includes the Cyclops, Thug, Dragon and Spider BattleMechs. These high-quality plastic models come pre-built with no assembly required. The box also includes four MechWarrior pilot cards and four Alpha Strike cards for use with the alternative Alpha Strike rules. The MechWarrior Pilot Cards allow you to feature renowned pilots to lead your forces.

Inner Sphere Support Lance Contents:

  • Thug Assault BattleMech
  • Cyclops Assault BattleMech
  • Dragon Heavy BattleMech
  • Spider Light BattleMech
  • 4 MechWarrior pilot cards
  • 4 Alpha Strike cards.

Note: Models supplied unpainted. Contents may vary from those pictured.

Additional information

Weight 116 g
Dimensions 155 × 118 × 70 mm



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