Kaauri Sentinels

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The Kaauri Sentinels are Tohaa models for Infinity. They are artificial guardians to protect against Shasvastii operatives.

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In their long history of war against the Combined Army, the Tohaa Trident have faced big challenges and impossible threats. However, there has been no bigger menace than the fear and paranoia spread by the Shasvastii operatives; they are experts in impersonation and creating mayhem throughout an army with just one assassination. Because of this, a project to create a guardian of artificial nature was developed. A watching eye; the protector to whom no menace will pass by; the Kaauri Sentinel.

These “tiny turrets” are great allies in the fight against impersonators. They have been created and programmed to protect their makers at all costs. Their Biometric Visor L2 will be very useful against pesky Fidays or Speculo Killers. They will also help complicating things for camo and TO troops thanks to their Multispectral Visor L1 and their Sixth Sense L2. Also their reduced size, with a Silhouette value of 1, will help them take better advantage of cover; this will offer a smaller target to their adversaries.

Weapon Options

The Kaauri Sentinels have four weaponry options that cover their many defensive roles:

  • The Submachine Gun and Boarding Shotgun options are ideal to protect deployment, or to act as bodyguards for possible Lieutenants against the menace of an impersonator.
  • The Combi Rifle option will be good for both covering the deployment area and the mid-ranges. However, what is really interesting about this option is that it also has the Pheroware Tactic: Nimbus Sphere. A resource that will allow it to cover the advance of our troops against troops equipped with Visors, or simply allowing for an easier take down of those enemies.
  • The short range options also have a Nullifier, which will be very useful to cover that big Tohaa handicap: Hacking. However, this piece of Equipment also helps to negate Sepsitor and technical weapons such as the Jammer, which always bring unwelcomed surprises in an army so focused on Fireteams as the Tohaa.
  • The Sniper option will come in handy as a long range support weapon for our advancing troops, and for very few points. Thanks to the changes of N3, the Sniper Rifle has Shock Special Ammo, this weapon has a lot of stopping power now, and all that for just 0.5 SWC and 19 points. A bargain!

Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Contents may vary from those pictured.

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Weight 33 g
Dimensions 135 × 85 × 26 mm



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