Keeping the Peace

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Fight for justice with Keeping the Peace, a rules supplement for Guardian characters in the Star Wars: Force and Destiny roleplaying game.

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Fight for justice with Keeping the Peace, a sourcebook for Guardian characters in the Star Wars: Force and Destiny RPG. In a galaxy ravaged by injustice and war, Guardians use the Force to make a positive difference others’ lives. They heal the galaxy’s wounds and establish peace wherever possible. This career supplement offers Guardian characters incomparable tools and talents to use as they protect the downtrodden and establish order. It will even provide them guidance when leading troops into war.

Keeping the Peace introduces three new Guardian specialisations – the Armorer, the Warden, and the Warleader. It also provides three new playable species: the hotheaded Lanniks, horned Iktotchi, and mammoth Whiphids. Two Guardian Signature abilities are introduced, along with a new Force Power that enables Guardians to shield from harmful attacks. Players will find a variety of new armour, weapons (including lighstsabers), and starships with which to outfit their characters, while Game Masters will find extensive suggestions on crafting heroic adventures and epic campaigns.

Shiny Games says about Keeping the Peace

If you’re interested in playing a Guardian Jedi then this book is for you, giving you everything you need to excel in that role. But also, who doesn’t need more choices of starships, lightsabers and armour? A Jedi craves not these things, but we certainly do.

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