Let Sleeping Gods Lie – Adventure #1

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A Fragged Empire adventure suitable for characters with 3-5 Current Resources.

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Welcome to the introductory adventure for the Fragged Empire RPG, Let Sleeping Gods Lie. This free form scenario is just one possible adventure the characters can undertake in the Fragged Empire universe. This mission is designed around some of the core themes of the book: post-post-apocalypse, ancient tech and interspecies communications.

The Job

In Let Sleeping Gods Lie, the crew of “The Ransom” is hired by a Corp contact to salvage the remains of a living Nephilim warship which has recently floated out of the Monopoly Asteroid Belt. The characters are racing against a rival who they’ve tangled with before. The first to get to the ship gets it and the valuable salvage it promises. But you shouldn’t trifle with ancient warships, and this one isn’t dead – merely hibernating. It wants the PCs to become its new crew so it might fulfil its 100 year-old mission to destroy a weapons platform in the Haven system. The only problem is that weapons platform is now a thriving colony, but there’s no reasoning with this alien vessel of war.

The Leviathan

Not so much a personality as a creature on the verge of becoming a persona. Leviathan is old, possesses over a century of memories and has been alone for too long. The ship is unstable, unstable as a dog long without its master. The ship is depressed, still grieving and clinging to the single purpose for which it was designed – battle.

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