Mekton Tactical Display

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The Tactical Display is a complete Referee’s Screen with 32 new pages of new rules, tips, hints, adventures, and more!

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The Mekton Tactical Display is a three-panel Referee’s Screen for use with the Mekton Zeta roleplaying game. The outside shows a dynamic mecha space combat across two panels, then Injuries and Medical Attention tables on the third. The inside provides a step by step combat summary with useful tables at every step; these include actions, modifiers, hit locations, special hit charts and all kinds of other useful tables.

The Mekton Tactical Display also includes a 32 new pages of new rules, tips, hints, adventures, and more! Mekton Zeta—The Movie is alternate rules for fighting large, furious battles without too many rules getting in the way. There are also rules for OVAs, targeting computers and the Dark Secrets of Zeta!

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