Mekton Zeta RPG Core Rulebook

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Mekton Zeta is the system for real anime sci-fi adventure! Build giant animated robots to pilot, fight to save the galaxy and live the mechajock lifestyle.

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Mekton Zeta: Build it. Fight it. Live it. Screamin’ combat, stylish characters, and amazing “mecha” action! Mekton is the world of Japanese animated giant robot shows, hitting your TV at the speed of light.

Build it. Now, create your own super combat machines, with streamlined construction rules for all types of mecha, from humanoid warriors, to transformable automobiles, to kilometre-long star-cruisers!

Fight it. Fast, detailed rules covering all kinds of anime combat action, from planet-busting devastation to kung fu blows!

Live it. Now, become the hero of your own anime roleplaying adventures with Mekton Zeta.

R Talsorian has designed Mekton to be the anime roleplaying game you want to play, whether your mechajock is saving civilisation from intergalactic invaders or solving their latest homicide case.

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